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Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

I have just had a divine experience in the form of a cup of tea.

I was skeptical about this whole process because I’ve always been a coffee person, but my boyfriend has recently gotten into tea. Since I’ve been following Cara’s fandom blends for a while, I was finally interested enough to order some.

When I got in from Boston today, all my packages were waiting for me. I had ordered a cute little Yixing pot (shaped like a mouse!); so I put all my bags down and got right to brewing.

Right out of the bag the smell was fantastic. I don’t even have any accurate adjectives for the aroma, except maybe magical.

So I brewed it and then let it steep for about 6 minutes. The first sip was delicious, but it really came alive when I added two teaspoons of sugar and a splash of light cream.

It really does taste like cake in a cup, absolutely the perfect tea experience. A+